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At Authentic Heart, we encourage our clients to explore their inner selves using a variety of healing modalities such as Angel Readings, Crystal Healing, Meditation, and Past Life Regressions. We believe in honoring the journey of each client and supporting them with gentle guidance that emits love, peace, and harmony.

what is

Crystal Therapy?


Crystal therapy involves a crystal practitioner applying crystals on the client that serve to align energetic imbalances. The seven main chakras are always aligned during these sessions to promote positive overall energetic health.

When working with a crystal practitioner in an ongoing capacity, additional sessions may be used to target particular areas of emotional, physical, or energetic struggle such as grief, physical pain, or the feeling of being ungrounded energetically, for example.

Crystal practitioners that are also certified in Reiki may add Reiki to these sessions to further clear and balance energy for improved results. Clients may experience a deep sense of relaxation, feel strong energetic vibrations that cause tingling, or even see a rainbow of colors during their session.

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create the life of


If you want to live the life you've always imagined, you have found the right place. Authentic Heart uses Life Coaching to bring balance and harmony into the life of their clients. They encourage clients to examine each aspect of their lives so they can identify the areas they want to enhance.

Clients will explore areas of their life such as their career, family, finances, health, and spirituality. They will discuss the elements in these areas that are serving their highest good while also locating the components they would like to improve upon. 

Using tools such affirmations, behavior modification, and the balance wheel, Skye will utilize her extensive experience to create an environment that puts the client in touch with their deepest truths.


During each session, clients will create small, achievable goals that will propel them forward towards their ultimate goals. Clients will be guided through every step of their self-expedition through personalized support intended to ensure success along their journey.  

We believe that everyone can reach their true potential through determination, motivation, and self-examination. You deserve to live the life you've always imagined and we want to join you in manifesting your dreams into reality.  


Why live a life less than fabulous?


Your HIGHER Self.


When we engage in higher vibrational living, we attract more positive experiences, people, and situations into our life. We connect with others on a more intimate level that enables us to form deeper bonds and creates a sense of oneness with everyone and everything. Development of our higher selves promotes communication with the divine and can enhance our connection to angels, our loved ones, and our creator.  Skye can assist you with raising your vibration through chakra balancing, meditation, realaxation, and Reiki, which will support your desire to live your life from a heart-centered space.  



Whatever your goals are and however you see yourself achieving them, we are here to help you accomplish them. We are honored to be a part of your journey and we look forward to witnessing your success as you embark upon an adventure filled with self-discovery, love, and insight. 

We hope to shine some light along your path and guide you gently along your way as you uncover your authentic heart.


Skye has a very natural way of making people feel comfortable during her readings.  She explains everything in detail and encourages questions if you don't fully understand.  She certainly has a special gift and I loved how she made me feel inspired and happy after my sessions with her.

Andrea C.


Skye Angelheart, CCP.jpeg

Skye Angelheart, CCP

Certified Crystal Practitioner


Skye was able to help me open up and be ready to hear information about my son who had passed.  Her gentle wisdom and genuine talents allowed me some peace of mind.  I will definitely see her again.  Highly recommend. 


Angela C.




After knowing Skye through previous contacts, I enlisted her services for Life Coaching.  Her encouragement pointed me in the direction of actually obtaining my goals and her skilled approach and patience in listening to my concerns helped me arrive at my destination.  I am grateful to Skye and her knowledge in assisting me along my life's journey.

Debbie A.



I had an amazing reading and coaching session with Skye!  She provided the most centered and balanced information!  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  Her intuition is spot on.  She can help you make an informed decision on what path to take.  I feel a sense of clarity I have never felt before.  I followed her guidance and now I'm seeing growth in my own practice!


JoAnn C.



Had my first Angel reading!  Great connection and will be getting more - lots more.

Kristi G.

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