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Skye Angelheart is a Certified Crystal Practitioner (CCP) with over ten years of experience guiding her clients into harmonious balance on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. She graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, located in Arizona, with an Associate in Occupational Studies Degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology and a diploma as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner.

Skye has been working with crystals for over ten years and completed her Certified Crystal Practitioner program through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy in 2017. She recently submitted her Advanced Crystal Master requirements to upgrade her certification. Skye incorporates crystal healing during traditional and targeted crystal healing sessions, chakra balancing sessions, and Reiki sessions. Skye also creates various crystal imbued products such as crystal sprays, salves, grids, and crystal healing bags.

Skye has additional certifications as a Holistic Nutrition Coach, Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist, with specialty training in Past Life Regressions. She is a certified Reiki Level III Practitioner and an ordained minister.  As part of her ministry services she conducts weddings, celebrations of life, spiritual counseling, and premarital counseling.


She is an experienced Angel Intuitive and communicates with Angels, Ascended Masters, and deceased loved ones.  Angel Readings, Intuitive Readings, and Mediumship readings are part of her regular practice.  She often works with a team of Archangels to facilitate communication, healing, love, and forgiveness during her sessions. 

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